Asahizaka TOP

Asahizaka TOP

Satisfy the Five Senses Hospitality at its Best

Memorable Dining Enhanced with Select Tableware

Otowa Saryo

Enjoy the Essence of Kyoto

Our chef’s original cuisine that is made only with select ingredients is tastefully arranged on traditional dishes and bowls carefully selected from potteries all over Japan. Enjoy this unique dining experience that you can only have in Kyoto, with views of the whole city and the special sense of luxury that comes from being treated with such beautiful tableware.

Roasted Tea
Otowa Bento Lunch Set

Local SAKE and BEER Stand 336

Enjoy Sake made in Kyoto using your Favorite Sake Ware

Experience the luxury of enjoying Kinshi Masamune local sake fresh from the brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto served in sake ware made in Chawanzaka or other potteries in Kyoto. Feel and see the difference between cut glassware, tinware and copperware when you hold the cup, smell the sake and put the cup to your lips.
A popular new daytime spot for the ladies. Relax at night with our friends from overseas.