Asahizaka TOP

Asahizaka TOP


Find the Epitome of Crafted Beauty that is Prefect for You


A Rich Selection of Tableware Sets

Among our selection of pieces by prominent artists, classical Japanese craft pieces and reasonably priced folk craft from throughout Japan, you will be sure to find something that you like, something that will suit your needs.


Gallery for Connoisseurs of Sake Ware

At a mini gallery adjoining Local SAKE and BEER Stand 336, you can see and purchase unique and outstanding sake ware created by potters who are actively engaged in this profession mainly in the Chawanzaka area. Try the difference your new favorite sake ware makes to a cup of your favorite sake!

From Gift Wrapping to Selecting Gifts for Special Occasions

Our staff will gladly answer any questions you may have about what to choose and how to wrap it for an anniversary, a wedding, or as a gift for someone special in your life. Please feel free to ask.


Passion and Style for the Next Generation

We support young artists pursuing the way of Japanese traditional art that has been passing down through the generations. Take a piece in your hands and admire the craftsmanship, and then make the decision to work with us to keep the flames of traditional crafts burning by owning a piece of your own.


Kyo Satsuma, Phantom Pottery
Reach the charm of antique.

Aspiring ceramics painters have taken up the challenge of reviving the magnificent Kyo Satsuma ware by trial and error. They are aiming to reproduce the intricate painting techniques that flourished in Meiji period and produce items that can be used today in day-to-day life.
We hope you can come and see this revived Kyo Satsuma ware as well as the true masterpieces created at the pinnacle of that golden age.